Oh, hello there

Nice to have visitors on my website. Feel free to browse through my work samples, resume or projects. For information on my current project, visit www.passingtales.com. For more info about me, keep reading:

I am a mass communications professional with more than three years of professional experiences in public relations, event planning and marketing communications. Yet, I am a journalist at heart and aspire to cover human rights and social justice issues. I believe that awareness is the bedrock for social change, which is why I strive to inform people about disregarded issues.

coconut beachQuick About Me

  • Freelance writer (always open for new assignments!)
  • Half German, half Chinese
  • Grew up in a German village close to the Dutch border
  • Lived in San Francisco 2011-2015
    – Worked in the startup environment of the Silicon Valley
  • Lived in Los Angeles 2015-2017
    –  Worked in music entertainment
  • Associate’s degree in communications and media studies
  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism/public relations
  • Minor in writing and rhetoric
  • Collateral field: Middle East and Islamic Studies
  • Always looking for new adventures in new countries
  • Currently traveling in Europe

I’m interested in international relations and Middle Eastern conflicts. I wrote academic research papers on the misrepresentation of Arabs in Western media, how Islamic extremist groups justify their actions through interpretations of the Qur’an, how the economic and political conflicts in Syria led to the war, the role of soccer in the Middle East and how Islam responds to mental health disorders. I’m trying to revise these papers to publish them on my website soon. In the meantime, you can find my latest work on www.passingtales.com.

Please feel free to contact me – I am always looking for open-minded people to talk to over a cup of tea.