Welcome to my Website!

I am a mass communications professional with more than three years of professional experiences in public relations, event planning and marketing communications. Yet, I am a journalist at heart and aspire to advocate for human rights and social justice. I’m dedicated to shine a light on disadvantaged individuals, human rights victims and communities in need of a voice. I am convinced that awareness is a fundamental stepping stone of social change, which is why I aspire to be part of informing people about unheard issues.

coconut beachI will be graduating in May 2017 and am currently job hunting for a position that challenges me to do meaningful work and ideally helps to make the world a better place. I am a passionate writer and reporter, capable of all sorts of media creation and social media distribution.  I am willing to relocate to any country for a job I am passionate about – from Africa to Europe – the world is my oyster.

I was born and raised multiculturally and bilingual by a German father and a Chinese mother. I grew up in a tiny village in the West of Germany, right on the border to the Netherlands. As a free spirit, I traveled many parts of Europe and Asia and plan to have visited all 196 countries in the world by the end of my life. I moved to San Francisco in 2011, where I worked in the startup environment of the Silicon Valley in EduTech, BioTech, community building and housing. I moved to Los Angeles in 2015, attending California State University, Northridge for a bachelor’s degree in journalism/public relations and a minor in writing and rhetoric.

Middle Eastern conflicts and the current refugee crisis have sparked my interest in recent years. I fulfilled most of my general education requirements with Middle East and Islamic studies courses, which makes me want to claim the subject as a collateral field. I wrote research papers on the misrepresentation of Arabs in Western media, how Islamic extremist groups justify their actions through interpretations of the Qur’an, how the economical and political conflicts in Syria led to the war, the role of soccer in the Middle East and how Islam responds to mental health disorders.

Browse through my work samples, resume, research work and social media. Please feel free to contact me – I am always looking for open-minded people to talk to over a cup of tea.